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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a DEWV customer: What does the new Hope Gas mean to me?

The new Hope Gas brings back a name with a long history in West Virginia. For you, that means the same great service that you’ve received will continue, but in the future all of that service will be provided by people who live and work in West Virginia. Being served by your friends and neighbors means a more local experience from a company that is invested in the future prosperity of West Virginia.

Will Hope’s service change as a result of the sale?

You will continue to receive the same great service you’ve come to expect, but with a different look and a different name. Behind the scenes, unlike the previous gas company that provided parts of your service from out of state, we will work toward providing all of your service within the state of West Virginia. This means not just great gas service, but also more West Virginia family-sustaining jobs to support our West Virginia communities.

What will all these jobs be? Can I apply?

We welcome you to apply! We will be hiring more than 100 people just in our first two years as the new Hope Gas, and hope you will join our Hope family if it is the right fit for you. Please visit our website at for more information about the jobs and how to apply.

Where will the Headquarters be?

Hope Gas Headquarters will be located in Morgantown, West Virginia. However, there will still be multiple field operation facilities across the State, including another new office in Jane Lew, West Virginia.

Where do I send my check?

All checks will continue to be sent to P.O. Box 26783, Richmond, VA 23261-6783 until notified by Hope Gas at a later date.

Can I still pay my bill online?

Yes! We encourage you to pay your bill online.

Is my account number the same?

Yes, your account information will not change with Hope and will remain secure.

Is there a new phone number?

No, the phone numbers will remain the same. Please contact our Call Center at 1-800-688-4673 or if you have an Emergency call 1-800-934-3187.

Is there a new website?

Yes! Please visit our new internet home at to learn more!

How can I learn more about who is buying Hope Gas?

Hope Gas is now owned by Hearthstone Company. Hearthstone owns natural gas and water utilities in 8 states, and is committed to supporting the communities where we operate. To learn more about Hearthstone and what we do, please visit us online at

Who is the contact for media inquiries?

Please contact Christine Mitchell by phone (304-812-2394) or by email ( for any media inquiries.

I heard my bill is going up. Is that because of the sale?

Our customers will not experience a bill increase due to the sale. However, there are currently two pending cases with the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) in which Hope Gas, Inc. filed for rate increases related to our Pipeline Replacement and Expansion Program (PREP) and our Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA). Our PREP rate allows for recovery of costs to replace, upgrade, and expand our system. Our PGA rate allows us to recover the costs of securing gas supplies for our sales customers. These rates cannot go into effect without PSC approval.

Is Hope’s service territory expanding? If so, how soon & how can I learn more?

While Hope’s service territory is the same, we believe expanding natural gas service in West Virginia is a huge win: Win for our customers who improve their reliability while saving money, and a win for the environment. Every customer who converts from propane to natural gas reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and a win for the State of West Virginia by delivering more home-grown natural gas to customers right here in the state. Find out more on how you can become a Hope Gas customer by visiting our website.

Will my meter be replaced, or will the existing metering service remain?

Your existing meter will remain, and will continue to work just as it always has to measure gas going to your home. However, meter tags will be replaced as we transition the ownership.