Manage Accounts Unavailable: To better serve you, we are making system improvements on 10/27/2022 from 8:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Manage Your Account (MYA)

During the transition period, Dominion is providing transition services to customers while Hope Gas stands up its entire operation in West Virginia. To access your account online, please visit Manage Your Account on the Dominion Energy website for seamless account access during this transition.


Ways to Pay

Paying your bill online is easy, fast, and free! All you have to do is sign in to your MYA account. Don’t have an account? Register today! When paying your bill online, you can choose to pay immediately or schedule payments. Please locate your bank account number and routing number to schedule or make your initial payment.
After signing in or registering for Manage Your Account:
  • From the left side menu, select “Make a Payment”.
  • Choose “From Your Bank Account”
To make an Immediate Payment:
  • Choose “Now” under “Payment Date”
  • If a payment is made Monday-Friday BEFORE 5:00 PM EST, your payment will post the same day
  • If a payment is made Monday-Friday AFTER 5:00 PM EST or on weekends or holidays, your payment will post the next business day
  • Changes and cancellations cannot be made once submitted.

To Schedule a Payment:

  • Choose “Later” under “Payment Date”
  • These payments will post to you account on the future date you choose
  • Changes and cancellations can be made until 11:59 PM EST on the prior date to the scheduled date

If you have 2 or more returned payments in a 12-month period, online payments will NOT be available.

Online payments can also be made through the mobile app.
Sit back, relax, and let AutoPay do to work! AutoPay is a free way to ensure payments are made on time for both residential and business accounts. To get started, sign in to your MYA account. Don’t have an account? Register today! The exact amount of the bill will be withdrawn from your checking/savings account 10-21 days after the bill date. You choose the days for your convenience! The days can be changed if needed.
After signing in or registering for your MYA account:
  • From the left side menu, select “Make a Payment”.
  • Choose “AutoPay”
After enrolling for AutoPay, check you bill for indications of AutoPay enrollment including the AutoPay date and amount. If this is not shown, please continue to pay your bill through another method until established.

Bank account information can be changed up to the date before the next scheduled AutoPay. AutoPay is not transferable. If you close your account and start a new , AutoPay will NOT transfer and will need reestablished at the new account. 

Card/Digital Payment
Looking to pay with card or digital payment? You can make a one-time card or digital payment through our third-party vendor, Paymentus, by calling 833-260-2455. This service is available in English and Spanish. Acceptable forms of payment include all major credit cards, debit cards, digital payment (such as PayPal or Amazon Pay), checking account, or savings account. Transaction fees apply as follows:
  • If you have a residential account, there will be a $1.65 fee per transaction. You can pay up to $1,000 per transaction.
  • If you have a non-residential account, there will be a $14.95 fee per transaction. You can pay up to $15,000 per transaction.
  • If a payment is made Monday-Friday BEFORE 5:00 PM EST, your payment will post the same day and reflect immediately as a pending payment 
  • If a payment is made Monday-Friday AFTER 5:00 PM EST or on weekends or holidays, your payment will post the next business day

Up to five (5) payments can be made in three (3) days or up to ten (10) payments in 30 days.

Payment Disclaimer
If you choose an unauthorized vendor to pay, Hope Gas would like to make you aware that:
  • Hope Gas is not responsible for payment vendor’s accuracy or time frame when delivering and recording the payment
  • There is no guaranteed timeline for these payments to post. Generally, these processes can take up to five (5) business days or more
Payment Center

In person payments are accepted at our authorized payment centers with no fee. To pay at a payment center, you will need your bill or account number. Authorized payment centers accept:

  • Cash
  • Money orders (written to the authorized payment center, not to Hope Gas)
  • Checks (including personal checks, traveler’s checks, and cashier checks)
  • Pin-based debit cards (Walmart and Kroger locations)
  • Walmart MoneyCard (Walmart locations)

Please verify with your authorized payment center that money orders and checks are accepted. The acceptance of money order and checks are up to center’s discretion. If a payment is made Monday-Friday BEFORE 5:00 PM EST, your payment will post the same day. If a payment is made Monday-Friday AFTER 5:00 PM EST or on weekends or holidays, your payment will post the next business day.

By Mail

Be sure to include your account number when sending a check. Check payments can be mailed to:

Regular Mail

  • Hope Gas
  • P.O. Box 26783
  • Richmond, VA 23261-6783

Courier/Overnight (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

  • Hope Gas
  • Attn: Remittance Processing
  • 600 E. Canal Street
  • Richmond, VA 23219

These addresses will continue until further notice by Hope Gas.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH)

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) are electronic transfer from one bank account to another specifically utilized for businesses. There is no charge for this service. In order to proceed with ACH payments, you must ensure your bank/financial institution can comply with Hope Gas’s bank’s requirements. The bank/financial institution must follow Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) or Cash Concentration and Disbursement Plus (CCD +) file format along with the customer account number and amount. If this is not followed, Hope Gas’s bank will reject the payment. Once all information is verified and you are ready to proceed, please email us at

Be advised that multiple departments within our organization use Wells Fargo account. Each state/business has a different and unique identifier bill name. 

Assistance Programs & Billing Options

If you are struggling to pay your bills and need assistance, there are resources available to help. Please reach out to us to learn more about
  • Budget Billing: This takes the previous 12-month history of usage and divided evenly to create an estimated monthly amount
  • eBill: Receive your bill electronically
  • Large Print: For large print bills, please contact us at 800-688-4673
  • Payment Plans: If you have gotten behind, payment plans can help catch you up
Our community also offers assistance programs. You can learn more about these programs by following the links below.

If you’re past due on your energy bill or facing disconnection of your gas service, visit Trained professionals are available 24/7 and can refer you to resources for basic human needs, childcare, elder care, housing assistance and more.

Dollar Energy Fund is a 501(c)3 organization with the mission to improve the quality of life for households experiencing hardships by providing utility assistance and other services that lead to self-sufficiency.

The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) assists eligible households with the cost of home heating through direct cash payments or payments to utility companies on their behalf. It also offers a 20% discount program for eligible participants

The program will provide financial assistance to eligible homeowners for qualified mortgage or housing-related expenses to avoid delinquency, default, foreclosure, loss of utilities or home energy services, and displacement.

The West Virginia Community Advancement and Development (CAD) manages the state’s weatherization assistance program to help reduce energy costs with improvements like insulation and heating and cooling tune-ups.

This program is specific to Parkersburg West Virginia and only for Parkersburg Residents providing emergency service to avoid non-pay disconnects

Understanding Your Bill 

Explanation of Charges

RS - Residential Service

SGS - Small General Service

RS AC - Residential Service with Air Conditioning

SGS AC - Small General Service with Air Conditioning

LGS - Large General Service

LCI-D - Large Commerical and Industrial - Distribution

LCI-DS - Large Commerical and Industrial - Direct Service

TR - Transport

TA - Tariff Sales

Service Charge  
Hope Gas incurs certain fixed costs each month regardless of the amount of gas used by its customers. The monthly service charge covers part of these ongoing costs. This charge includes such things as meter reading, billing, customer accounting, operating and maintenance expenses.
Service/Reconnect Charge
Each time the Company responds to a request to re-read a meter and the original read is determined to be accurate, to reconnect service, or to initiate service in a new or different name at an existing location and a premise visit is required, a charge of $30.00 shall apply.
Gas Recovery Reconnection Charge
The Public Service Commission of West Virginia allows the Company to charge a fee for customers who apply for service within eight (8) months following a previous discontinuance of service at the customer's request. This charge will be equal to the number of months elapsed after the discontinuance of service multiplied by $7.49 pipeline fixed recovery rate. 
Meter Reading
Meters are generally read each month. Bills are rendered monthly. If a meter is not read, usage will be estimated based on factors such as previous usage history, number of days in billing cycle, and the effects, if any, of abnormal weather conditions. The bill will indicate if an actual or estimated reading was used to determine the gas usage. 
Municipal Surcharge
A Municipal Surcharge is a tax or fee paid by Hope Gas to cities it serves. Hope Gas is permitted to recover this fee from residents of those cities.
Excise Tax
Many cities levy an excise tax on public utility bills paid by residents of those cities. In this instance, Hope Gas collects this tax for the cities.
Late Payment Charge
A late payment charge of 1% will be added to the net current amount unpaid on each bill where it is appropriate

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Gas Rates & Tariffs

Current natural gas rates and tariffs for residential and business customers

In addition to Hope Gas rate and tariff information, you may also view our rate history or complete tariff packet.

Rules, Regulations and General Information

- Explanation of Symbols
- Index of Communities Served
- Index of Natural Gas Public Utilities Served
- Rules and Regulations for Distribution and Sale of Natural Gas
- Additional Rules for Customers on High Pressure Main or Field Lines
- Classification of Customers and Applicability of Rate Schedules
- Natural Gas Supply
- Local Tax Surcharge
- Budget Payment Plan
- Rules and Regulations for the Transportation of Natural Gas
- Transportation Request Form
- Pooling Tariff
- Production Gathering and Aggregation Service

Rate Schedules

- Residential Service Rate Schedule
- Special Reduced Rate Residential Service Rate Schedule
- Small General Service Rate Schedule
- Large General Service Rate Schedule
- Air Conditioning Service Rate Schedule
- Wholesale Service Rate Schedule
- Emergency Shelter Service Rate Schedule
- Large Commercial-Industrial Service Rate Schedule
- Transportation Service Rate Schedule
- Pipeline Replacement and Expansion Program Rate Schedule
- Production Gathering and Aggregation Service Rate Schedule