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Pipeline Replacement & Expansion Program (PREP)

The top priority of Hope Gas is to provide safe and reliable service to our customers. As part of our Pipeline Replacement and Expansion Program (PREP) helps ensure reliable, safe, and environmentally responsible service long into the future, that launched on March 1, 2016, Hope Gas will replace more than 1,000 miles of the company’s 3,246-mile distribution pipeline system.
Over the lifespan of the program, we will upgrade the pipe from a bare steel, cast iron, wrought iron and copper pipe to either effectively coated steel or plastic pipe. This will typically affect the mainline, which is usually in the street, and various service lines, which run from the mainline to the gas meter.
We would like to stress that the existing mainline is safe. These enhancements are being conducted to meet all U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. The new pipeline will be more durable and resistant to corrosion, which allows Hope Gas the ability to deliver a commitment to safe, reliable service.
Multiple Work Areas
Due to the extensive nature of this program, we may be working in many different areas at the same time. We are committed to notifying customers prior to a project in which they might experience Hope Gas representatives or its contractors on the property because of the project. Customers may experience representatives on their property during the following phases of the project. Any employee or contractor that will need access to inside gas equipment will carry a Hope Gas photo ID.
Your Cooperation Is Appreciated
We understand that this process can be inconvenient. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding while we improve the natural gas delivery system in your neighborhood. We will make every effort to minimize inconvenience and to ensure that we continue to provide safe, reliable service.Customers may experience representatives on their property during the following phases of the project. Any employee or contractor that will need access to inside gas equipment will carry a Hope Gas photo ID.
Overview of Project Phases
     Phase 1
Hope Gas or its contractors will begin preliminary work on the project. This work may consist of surveying and staking the pipeline route and any other activity as required by the project. Temporary marks or flags may be placed on your property during this time.
     Phase 2
Hope Gas will perform mainline work in the public Right of Way, which includes the tree-lawn area. This may require removal of obstructions located in the Right of Way.
Depending on the type of pre-construction work that is completed, restoration of yards, sidewalks and pavement may be needed. Typical yard restoration is limited to grading and seeding and will be completed as quickly as possible.
Construction begins after the project is designed and the boundaries are determined. Construction for pipeline projects may take several months to complete. The time it takes to complete the job is determined by traffic, street size, weather, and soil type. We will use different heavy equipment and construction techniques, depending on the location of the other underground services and soil conditions.
Due to public safety and traffic flow concerns, it may be necessary to impose temporary parking restrictions in the construction areas. This allows the construction to be completed as quickly as possible. Signs will be posted where parking is banned. The Hope Gas inspector on the job site will work with businesses to understand the impact of traffic restrictions. Steel plates may be used to temporarily cover excavation and trenches on roadways. Materials used in construction may be left on a street or other areas to avoid multiple deliveries by large equipment.
Along with mainline installation, we will replace main to curbs, which are underground pipes that run from the mainline to the homeowner’s property line, as needed. The Hope Gas inspector or contractor will attempt to contact the customer to schedule the main to curb replacement. An adult 18 years of age or older must be present to provide access to the meter and to relight any gas appliances once the gas service is restored.
     Phase 3
Like the first phase of the program, we will begin yard restoration as quickly as possible once an area of construction is complete. With the exception of winter construction projects, restoration will begin as soon as weather permits. Final restoration of winter construction projects will normally not begin until after the growing season has started. As mentioned, typical yard restoration is limited to grading and seeding. Ongoing environmental inspections will be conducted until adequate growth is established on projects.